It’s easy. Log in and buy the exam. We provide you the opportunity to take the exam immediately after purchase! No unnecessary waiting time, no appointments, no filling out the registration forms, and no stress – for the first time you have the chance to take an exam without a proctoring system!

All you need is your laptop or desktop.

If you have further questions about the procedure and the rules, we have compiled a guide to help you navigate our Exam Platform.


What our offer includes

MITC is a certification for IT experts that confirms their practical skills. In our offer, you’ll find MITC Software Testing Level 01 exam. The certification confirms fundamental skills and best practices of software testers, essential at every level of advancement.

Level 01 does not verify test automation, but if you’re an automation tester and wondering if the certification is for you, we say YES! Best practices and approaches to the test process are obligatory to all professionals, both manual and automation.

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How to purchase the exam

Create a User Profile and log in to make a purchase.
Complete your details and use the PayU payment to make a one-time payment.

Currently, we offer the option of purchasing one exam, assigned to one user.

How to purchase more exams

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User Profile

The User Profile verifies your identity and stores your certificate and exam information.
The data you entered will be generated directly on the certificate and you will not be able to change it. Make sure the provided data is current and complete.

Don’t forget to protect your identity! Do not share your login and data with third parties!

More information about the User Profile can be found in the Terms and Conditions section.


You can start the online exam immediately or up to 180 days after purchase. You can access the exam through a User Profile. After 180 days, your exam will be deactivated, and refunds will not be refunded.

Please note that once you have started the exam, you will not be able to cancel or save it for later. You have only one attempt so make sure you’re ready.

On-site exam

If you prefer to take the exam at our headquarters, make an individual appointment with us at We will provide you a laptop and a comfortable examination room on site.


The MITC does not require additional supervision or any proctoring system. The structure of the exam and questions does not allow you to verify the answers, as it’s possible during the typical theory exams.

Measuring skills and best practices are based on completely different principles, especially when the process could have more than one correct solution. MITC evaluates the methodology and problem analysis rather than definitions.

Nevertheless, we encourage employers to organize group or individual exam sessions for their employees and to develop their own proctoring system for the examination participants.


The system interface and the exam are available in English. The recommended language skills are at least B2 level.

The result is automatically displayed upon completing the exam.


We care about the planet and the environment! That’s why we will provide you with the certificate in electronic form, available on your profile after completing the exam. Your certificate is valid indefinitely, however, we strongly recommend reviewing and updating it to align with the current methodology and best practices. You will be notified if a new version is released. The certificate also indicates whether the exam was taken out without or with the examiner.


Keep in mind that the rules for remote exams are the same as for on-site exams.

This means that you should:

  • prepare the room for the exam by removing any notes or distractions
  • do not cheat or ask other testers for help
  • refrain from taking breaks, as there is limited time allocated for the exam
  • do not copy or distribute exam questions, as each exam is unique and assigned to individual users who can be identified in case of violating the Terms and Conditions


You will need:

  • Laptop/Desktop
  • System requirements: Windows 7 and higher, Mac OS X and higher, Linux or any system that supports recommended browsers
  • Stable wifi connection with a minimum upload speed of 1MB
  • Web browser: Firefox, Chrome, MS Microsoft Edge
  • Browsers that accept cookies and Javascript

Make sure to prepare the appropriate equipment and ensure a stable Internet connection. Failure to comply with these conditions cannot be used as a reason for complaint.


Before the exam session, we recommend to get familiar with the system interface. If you have any questions about the examination system, please contact us at


Detailed terms of using The MITC services such as payments, complaints and operations of the MITC Exam Platform can be found in the Terms and Conditions.