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What is MITC?

Modern Information Technology Certification (MITC) is here to revolutionize the way your expertise is recognized and valued in the IT industry.

Unlike traditional exams that rely solely on theoretical knowledge, our practical exam simulates real-world software testing scenarios, putting your skills to the test in a simulated working environment. By successfully completing this exam, you'll not only earn a prestigious certification but also gain the confidence to showcase your practical abilities to potential employers.

MITC offers a unique examination experience with a modern, quick, and user-friendly certification system suitable for the present times and people. The certification is available completely remotely, and you are just one click away from purchasing and starting the exam.

The uniqueness of this solution lies in saving time and reducing the stress associated with standard exam registration. MITC does not require prior booking, sending additional documents, or installing additional software. Moreover, the highlight of the entire concept is the absence of a proctor during the exam session.

Radek Smilgin
Professional Tester, Independent Consultant
CEO at 21CN Radosław Smilgin Software&Testing House

Why did we create the new certification?

While theoretical exams can provide a foundation of knowledge, they often fail to assess how well you can apply that knowledge to real-world situations. MITC aims to fill that gap and provide an additional certification that can actually verify not only your knowledge but also your real practical skills. Its mission from the beginning was to help maintain high-quality software by focusing on qualified individuals and encouraging them to follow best practices and rules during software development. It also emphasizes the importance of having fun and finding satisfaction in the daily tasks.

We started with a software testing certificate and look forward to involving more specialists to help us build certifications for other IT paths. If you are ready to take up the challenge with us, we would be happy to hear from you. Do not hesitate to contact us


MITC - the first practical exam is now available for software testers!

We often get asked, "What's the deal with the software testing phenomenon? Why do we like it?

Why do we make and join communities? Why do we participate in tech conferences?"

The answer is simple. It's fun, it's challenging, it's satisfying. It's a lifestyle with a big "L".
And what's your answer?

Prove yourself (and your company) that you're the best software tester and earn the MITC certificate as your trophy!

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