About us

Behind the MITC, there is a committed team of experts and software testing enthusiasts, along with the portal testerzy.pl - the largest source of knowledge about software testing know-how.

For many years, have been looking for effective methods to assess software testing skills. We participated in boosting the role of the software tester profession and setting standards in the software testing market.

Through conducting training and organizing major international conferences such as Automation & Agile Days, helped us show the various faces of testing, demonstrating that being a software tester is not only a profession but also a passion and lifestyle. We firmly believe that professionalism and quality can coexist with fun and job satisfaction.

One of our greatest achievements is the TestingCup Championship, which has become a prominent event in the IT conference landscape since its inception in 2013. Over the years, TestingCup has attracted thousands of participants from all over the world. During this time, we developed MrBuggy, a family of applications and specifications used for testing education. These resources have served as tasks during subsequent editions of the TestingCup Championship. Each version of MrBuggy has been thoroughly tested by over 500 testers, making them among the most extensively tested documents and applications ever.

We have transferred all these experiences to MITC.

With our deep understanding of the certification market, we are well aware of its advantages and disadvantages. Since 2010, as a GASQ business partner (Global Association for Software Quality), we have operated as an Accredited Examination Centre, delivering exams throughout Poland and Europe, incl. in the scope of: ISTQB®, IREB®, ITCQF®, IQBBA®, IBUQ® / UXQCC®, A4Q®, IHE®, IBITGQ®, iSAQB®, TMMi®.

This activity allows us to contribute an education path for IT specialists actively participate in the mission of raising awareness in the field of software quality.

As a skilled team of experts, we recognize the need and possess the capability to bring the MITC certification to the market. We define this new certification as the first practical exam in technical competence.

We guarantee our clients the highest standard and organizational level as we collaborate with specialists from around the world. Our goal is to provide exams at align with applicable norms and standards.