Terms and Conditions

MITC is a modern examination platform whose mission is to test, measure and validate the knowledge of IT experts using a corresponding certification system. We provide a tool that enables IT specialists, to obtain the certification that complies with the current standards and best practices.

We welcome you as a reader or participant of the exam in our project. Please refer to the following Terms and Conditions carefully before participating.


MITC - the exam distribution platform, hereinafter referred to as Exam Platform or MITC Platform

MITC Exam - remote or on-site exam, hereinafter referred to as a Service, Exam or Product

21CN Radosław Smilgin – sole-proprietorship established in Poland, Gdańsk 80-680, 124A Nadwiślańska street, VAT NO 583 2769297, REGON NO 241132628, which mediates the sale of services via https://mitc.center/, hereinafter referred to as 21CN or Service provider

User - a recipient of service, a person or a company that uses the MITC Platform, has purchased, passed, or is about to pass the MITC examination, hereinafter referred to as a User

User Profile - a personal account that has been set up on the MITC Platform, directly related to the person taking the MITC Exam, i.e. the User

Terms of Use

Access to and use of the Service are subject to acceptance and compliance with the Terms of Use by the User. These Terms of Use apply to all visitors, users, and others who access or use the Service.

By accessing or using the Service, the User agrees to the Terms of Use. If the User does not agree to the Terms, he may not access the Service.

The provisions of the Terms and Conditions determine the rights and obligations of the Parties arising from the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions in the registration process, which is equivalent to the conclusion of the Contract for the provision of services to the Customer.

Content of the MITC platform and copyright

All content on the MITC Exam Platform, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data sets, and software is the property of MITC and 21CN Radosław Smilgin or its suppliers and is protected by international copyright law. Any distribution or reproduction of the entire or individual elements of the MITC Exam Platform is prohibited.

Each Exam is confidential. It is forbidden to copy, print, save or record it. Examination questions and answers may not be disclosed or distributed to the third parties before, during, and after the Examination.

The User accepts that each Exam is unique, assigned to a User and may form the basis for identifying the personal data if the Exam appears on the Internet.

Failure to comply with these conditions is subject to a fine and legal liability under Polish law.

Registration for Exam

To participate in the Exam, it is necessary to accept these Terms and Conditions, create a personal User Profile and acquire access to the Exam.

Exam date

The MITC Exam is valid and possible to complete within 180 days from the date of purchase. After the deadline, the fee for the unrealized Service will not be refunded.

To take the Exam, the User must run it in his User Profile.

User Profile

The User Profile on the MITC Exam Platform is assigned to only one User and must contain accurate, complete, and up-to-date information.

The User Profile is the basis for identifying the User, and the personal data on the MITC certificate corresponds to the data entered in the User Profile. The User does not have the option to change the account information himself.

The User is the owner of the created Profile and is responsible for the security of the password, all activities on the Profile, and non-disclosure to third parties.

The User is obliged to notify us immediately about any security breach or unauthorized use of his Profile.

It is not allowed to create a User Profile for the third party who is intended to use MITC Services. The person is obliged to create a Profile for himself.

Providing false data and passing on the User Profile to third parties to disclose Examination questions or perform MITC Examination by a person unconnected with the User is punishable by a fine and criminal liability under Polish law and will result in the immediate closure of the account and invalidity of the MITC Certificate.

Technical requirements

The technical requirements necessary to work with the system MITC uses are as follows:

  • Laptop/desktop
  • System requirements: Windows 7 and higher, Mac OS X and higher, Linux and any system that supports the recommended browsers
  • A stable wi-fi connection, with a minimum upload speed of 1 MB
  • A web browser: Firefox, Chrome, MS Microsoft Edge
  • A browser that accepts cookies and JavaScript

It is the responsibility of the User to prepare appropriate equipment, and ensure a stable and uninterrupted Internet connection. All required equipment should be fully charged.

Before starting the Examination, the User is recommended to perform a system check in the same technical environment as during the Examination (the same room, the same Internet connection, the same devices).

It is also recommended to go through the Exam’s demo version and get familiar with the system interface.

The User's failure to meet the above conditions will not be the basis for the product claim.

Conditions for the conduct of the Examination

The service does not include the proctoring system.

The Exam Platform and MITC Certification are available in English, therefore Users are required to have at least a B2 command of English. The B2 language level, according to Common Europen References for Languages is defined as language skills that enable free and independent communication with native speakers of the foreign language (https://www.coe.int/en/web/common-european-framework-reference-languages/level-descriptions). Lack of the required knowledge of the English language does not oblige the User to receive additional time.

The User has one approach to the Exam and starting the Examination session is tantamount to beginning the Exam Session. Any actions leading to the termination of the Examination Session will result in the cancellation of the session, and the funds for the Service will not be refunded.

Once the User starts an Exam he will not be allowed to:

  • Interrupt the Exam to complete it later
  • Pause the Exam to temporarily stop time
  • All other actions aimed at changing the functioning of the timer are not allowed

During the Exam, it is forbidden to:

  • use educational aids and help of third parties
  • copy and distribute the Exam questions

In case of MITC Platform failure, please contact the Provider immediately. After verification of the failure, the postponement of the deadline or full or partial reimbursement will be considered and the decision will be communicated to the User by e-mail.

Functioning of the Exam Platform

MITC does not guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the Platform but will make an effort to maintain its continuity.

MITC is not responsible for the accidents caused by the presence of viruses, hacking server failures etc.

Payments conditions

MITC provides paid Services and reserves the right to change the prices of paid services included in the offer, to introduce new services for sale, with the proviso that these changes do not violate the rights of people who purchased services offered by MITC before making the above-mentioned changes. The purchase prices of the Services is provided on the https://mitc.center/.

The price for which the User purchases the Service is confirmed in the return order confirmation. The User can pay for the Services via online payment, carried out by PayU Settlement Centre systems. The non-availability of the above-mentioned payment methods shall not constitute grounds for any complaint.

Payment for the order via online payment is considered made at the time of acceptance of the transaction in the external operator's system and the payment of the amount by the MITC account.


Complaints can be submitted to MITC via email: contact@mitc.center. Complaints are considered by the MITC Customer Service within 14 days from the date of submitting the complaint. The MITC Customer Service Office will notify a User of considering the complaint by sending a message to the e-mail address provided in the complaint.

A correctly submitted complaint should contain at least the following data:

  • User name (name, surname, address, e-mail address)
  • Subject of the complaint
  • Circumstances justifying the complaint

Complaints are not required to be dealt with and the payment is not refunded in the following situations:

  • Inappropriate use of the MITC Platform by the User. Inappropriate use is understood as non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions
  • Interruption of the Exam session due to the use of inappropriate equipment and bad Internet connection. By inappropriate equipment and bad Internet connection is meant that the User did not ensure the recommended technical conditions while using the MITC Services, did not make sure of the quality of the equipment and Internet connection or, at his own risk, a User used inappropriate equipment and bad Internet connection during the Exam session.
  • Interruption of the Exam session caused by a User not following the Terms and Conditions
  • Interruption of the Exam session for reasons beyond the control of the MITC and the User
  • Disclosure of the User’s Profile to third parties for unauthorized use of the MITC Platform
  • Sharing the Exam questions with the third party
  • Establishing a User Profile by the third parties for the User


The Certificate distinguishes between an Examination carried out with or without the assistance of the proctor, by the note on the Certificate: no proctor or proctor. The Certificate is valid indefinitely, however, MITC recommends updating the Certification to the most recent version of the Certificate. The revision of the Certificate version will be introduced at the discretion of the MITC as soon as significant technological and methodological changes are identified regarding the qualifications measured by the MITC Exam System.

The MITC Trademarks

The MITC trademarks and layout may not be used in conjunction with any product or service other than a service offered by MITC.

The trademarks and layout of the MITC may not be used in a manner that misleads customers or discredits MITC. All other trademarks that are not owned by MITC or its affiliates and that appear on this website are the property of their respective owners, who may be affiliated with or sponsored by MITC or its affiliates.


The MITC Exam Platform may contain links to third-party websites or services that are not owned or controlled by MITC.
MITC has no control over and is not responsible for third-party websites or services' content, privacy policies, or practices.
MITC shall not be liable for any damage or loss arising from the use of or reliance on such content, goods or services available on or through such websites or services.
We strongly recommend reading the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of the visited third-party websites or services.
MITC shall not be liable for non-performance or defective provision of the service for a reason caused by the third parties or by force majeure.
The MITC does not assume any financial responsibility for the cancellation of an Examination or the interruption of the Examination system due to negligence or force majeure.

Conclusion and termination of the Contract

The Contract is concluded with the purchase of the Service, which means acceptance of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. Termination of the Contract is considered to be a User's refusal to consent to the processing of personal data.

The MITC Exam Platform has the right to terminate the Contract for the provision of services without notice and to cease providing the Service without the obligation to refund the fee in the following cases:

  • violation of the essential provisions of the Terms and Conditions by the User
  • posting the content by the User that does not comply with applicable laws and the use of the Service for the Service by the User

All provisions of the Terms and Conditions which by their nature should remain in force after termination of the Contract shall remain in force after termination. Upon termination of the Contract, the User’s right to use the service expires immediately. If the user wants to close the account, he can simply stop using the Service.

The MITC Platform reserves the right to refuse to provide the Services to the User and to delete the User’s Account if it has been re-established after deletion due to a breach of the Terms and Conditions.

Product descriptions

MITC and its co-workers try to be as accurate as possible. However, MITC does not warrant that product descriptions or other content on this website are accurate, complete, reliable, up-to-date or error-free. If the product offered by MITC itself does not conform to the description, returning it in unused condition is the only remedy.

Amendments to the Rules of Procedure

The MITC Platform reserves the right to change or replace these Terms at any time. If the changes are material, the MITC will attempt to notify it at least 30 days before the new Terms come into force. What constitutes a material change is at the sole discretion of the MITC platform. By continuing to access or use our Service after these changes become effective, The User agrees to be bound by the amended Terms. If the User does not agree with the new Terms, he should stop using the Service.

Questions and contact

Any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, or other policy-related material, please contact our staff at the following email address: contact@mitc.center.


Admission to third-party testing, use of ancillary material or any other act in breach of these Terms shall result in a fine of 10 000,00 € and the certificate and access to the MITC Exam Platform will be revoked.

Entering false or third-party personal data will result in a fine of 10 000,00 € and the certificate and access to the MITC Platform will be revoked.

Copying and distributing Exam questions will result in a fine of 10 000,00 € and the certificate and access to the MITC Platform will be revoked.

Attempts to temporarily stop or interrupt an Examination and restart it will result in a fine of 10 000,00 € and the certificate and access to the MITC Platform will be revoked.

Final provisions

The Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on 25th April 2022.

MITC reserves the right to change these Terms.

The amendments to the Terms and Conditions shall enter into force with the publication of the amended Terms on the MITC Exam Platform.

The Contract for the provision of services is governed by Polish law. Any disputes arising from the legal relationship between the MITC Exam Platform and 21CN Radosław Smilgin with the User shall be decided by the competent court of 21CN Radosław Smilgin.

In matters not regulated by law, the provisions of the Act on Electronic Provision of Services, the Act on Personal Data Protection, the Civil Code, and other mandatory provisions of Polish law apply.

Privacy Policy

  1. This Privacy Policy sets out the rules for the collection, processing, and use of information, including personal data of Users of the MITC Exam Platform.
  2. The administrator of the personal data of the Users of the MITC Exam Platform is 21CN Radosław Smilgin with a registered office in Poland, 80-680 Gdańsk, 124A Nadwiślańska Street (hereinafter „21CN”).
  3. The personal data of the Users of the MITC Exam Platform are processed by the law of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data ( single text OJ 2014. 1182).
  4. The protection of privacy, including the protection of personal data of users of the MITC Exam Platform, is a priority of 21CN. 21CN takes all necessary precautions to ensure that personal information provided by Users of the MITC Exam Platform is protected from loss, destruction, disclosure, or unauthorized access.
  5. By registering on the MITC Exam Platform and creating a User Profile, the User agrees that personal data contained in the form will be stored in the 21CN database and processed by 21CN to sell services and receive non-commercial communications resulting from the rules of the MITC Exam Platform. Personal data provided by users of the MITC Exam Platform may only be used for marketing purposes if they have obtained their consent.
  6. By the law referred to in point 3, Users of the MITC Exam Platform have the right to access, correct, and request the deletion of personal data concerning them. The provision of personal data by Users is voluntary.
  7. Personal data of Users of the MITC Exam Platform are not sold or lent by 21CN. Under Article 31 of the Act referred to in point 3, 21CN may entrust the processing of Users’ data to third parties, in particular, to provide the hosting services of the MITC Exam Platform.
  8. 21CN has the right and obligation to disclose information about the User’s Personal Data to government authorities that are entitled under separate laws to receive such data for their investigative purposes.
  9. This privacy statement applies only to the MITC Exam Platform. 21CN is not responsible for the privacy policies of the website accessed by Users of the MITC Exam Platform through links on the site.
  10. Any changes to this privacy policy will be communicated to Users by sending information by e-mail to the registered e-mail address.