Build with us a whole new certification program for the tech industry.

Our goal:

“We are delighted to assist you in verifying practical skills through MITC certification”


Is your company committed to modern methods of teaching and verifying the skills of IT specialists? Do you prioritize the use of best practices as an important component in building high-quality software solution?

Join MITC as a partner to train and certify IT specialists using our innovative certification focused on practical skills, not just theoretical knowledge.

MITC's mission is to draw attention to the quality of technological solutions provided in the business world. Every year, there is an increasing demand for IT services created by skilled professionals MITC aims to help verify their skills through practice-oriented certification and solid education.

Become our partner and showcase your company as one that values quality. Let’s build the tech world together.

Affiliate Program

As part of the Basic Partnership Program, you will promote and support MITC's values ​​on your company's website or social media.


  • MITC partner status
  • Affiliate program with 5% of profits received from sold MITC exams
  • Company logo placement on MITC website, increasing visibility for potential customers
  • MITC certificates for business partners, showcasing your company as one with high standards and qualified employees
  • Permission to use the MITC logo for marketing purposes

Accredited Training Provider

Become an Accredited Training Provider.

Accreditation serves as proof that organizations operate in accordance with MITC standards. It is also an important factor for customers when choosing service providers in the domestic and international markets. Accreditation enhances trust in certified services and and the qualifications of company employees. It also reduces the risk in business relations.

As an Accredited Training Provider you will formally demonstrate your competence as a training unit.


  • Accreditated services provides security for the customer
  • Increases the company's competitiveness
  • Ensures effective operations and minimizes the risk of errors

How to become an Accredited Training Provider?

You need an approved trainer and licensed training materials.

Trainer (requirements):

  • documented years of experience in the IT industry (min. 5 years)
  • documented experience in conducting training for the IT industry
  • MITC certification


Once you meet the above conditions, you will receive a license for accredited training materials provided by MITC free of charge.

Accreditation process

Step 1:

Submit your application with the trainer's CV attached

Step 2:

After verifying your application, the trainer will receive a free MITC exam, with two free attempts allowed.

Step 3:

Once the trainer receives the MITC certification, the licensed materials will be sent via e-mail. Let us know the first training date to arrange an audit. An MITC delegate will attend training to evaluate its performance.

Step 4:

Granting accreditation and announcement in the MITC media.



(fee includes the trainer exam cost)


  • Accredited MITC Training Provider title
  • License for training materials
  • Company logo and description on the MITC website
  • Ability to offer MITC training and exams directly on your organization's website
  • Training dates published on the MITC website
  • First-hand information updates before they are publicly available
  • Assistance in establishing contacts with trainers
  • Permission to use the MITC logo for marketing purposes

Accreditation period:

2 years


After 2 years, the accredited training provider is required to apply for reaccreditation.


Reaccreditation proccess

Step 1:

Submit an application for reaccreditation, containing a list of current trainers, and and the version number of training materials.

Step 2:

We will verify the trainers and update the materials. If a new trainers have joined you, MITC reserves the right to audit the training.

Step 3:

Granting reaccreditation and updating information on the MITC website.

Exam Center

Distribute exams and gain all profit from sales. Establish the MITC Exam Center in your company.


  • MITC Exam Center Title
  • Lower prices for MITC exams
  • All profit from sales belong to you
  • Your organization will be listed on the examination units list along with a link to your website
  • First-hand information updates before its publicly available
  • Permission to use the MITC logo for marketing purposes

Recruitment and HR

Are you in the HR field and looking for new recruitment solutions? Use MITC certification as an innovative recruitment tool.

We support recruitment processes by providing the MITC exam as a trial test for recruitment interviews.

The exam's structure allows you to test candidates' knowledge, their work process, and problem-solving approaches. It also provides an opportunity to verify candidates' practical skills.

Monthly license price:


Conditions: minimum one-year contract

Single access price:


If you do not conduct permanent recruitment, you can get one-time access to the exam and use it for a specific recruitment process in your company.

Do you have specific requirements? Contact us to learn about the possibilities of creating a dedicated recruitment test.

Accredited Training Provider


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