MITC Software Testing – Level 01

Duration: 60 min.
Questions: 12
Cut-off score: 80%

The MITC Software Testing Level 01 certificate is specifically designed to software testers with all levels of experience, who wish to validate their knowledge of best practices and demonstrate their skills in software testing. Please note that Level 01 does not certify test automation but instead focuses on the proper approach to the test process obligatory for all specialists, which is essential for both manual and automation testers.

During the exam, participants are immersed in a simulated test project (excerpt check of the application) to replicate the experience of working on real-world application testing. The practical exam covers a wide range of essential tasks performed by testers in their daily duties.

The certification verifies the following skills:

  • test design
  • test data preparation
  • identifying and recognizing primary functional, usability, or security defects
  • recognizing the status of testing activities
  • incident reporting
  • reporting your work


There are no specific prerequisites for applying for MITC Software Testing Level 01 certification.


The certification is aimed at anyone involved in software testing including testers, acceptance test participants, analysts, programmers, and any other roles involved in verifying the functionality of software.

Validity of the certificate:

The certification incorporates currently recognized standards and best practices in the software testing profession and is valid indefinitely. However, it is advisable to renew the certification every 5 years to ensure it aligns with the latest software testing competencies and techniques due to evolving procedures and updates.